Warrior Custom Golf Scam

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Warrior Custom Golf Scam

Mulligan Tour Wedge: Warrior Custom Golf Wedges What's a golf wedge? Find out here.

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Wedges are a subclass of irons, identified by having a loft greater than that of a nine iron (or about 44 degrees). Another feature that set them apart from normal irons is their highly specialized nature. They produce a very high, short trajectory with backspin that reduces the roll of the ball drastically. Of course, you have to know how to produce spin first, but we'll cover that later on. Wedges are used for high-accuracy utility shots, which include lofting or chipping the ball onto the green, out of a sand trap, or over and around large obstructions, such as trees. A regular set of wedges usually includes a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, but more and more golfers are starting to add a gap wedge or a lob wedge to their arsenal. A pitching wedge, identified by a "PW" or "P," has a loft anywhere between 44 degrees and 50 degrees and is similar in design and function to the other short irons. Many irons sets include a pitching wedge, as well. A sand wedge, usually identified by a "SW" or "S," is a specially designed wedge with an underside that provides bounce in order to allow the sole of the club to skim over the sand and avoid digging into in. It usually has a loft between 54 degrees and 58 degrees and is primarily used in bunkers or deep rough. A gap wedge, indentified by a "G," "A," "D," or "U," possesses a loft that is between that of a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, thus the name "gap" wedge. Clever, isn't it? It is the newest type of wedge, and with that it carries little standardization of design, purpose, or name. It is also called an approach, dual, utility, or attack wedge and it is designed for numerous lies. The lob wedge, identified by a "LW" or "L," has a very high loft of anywhere from 60 degrees to 68 degrees. It is used for the shortest of lob shots, usually those within the ranges of 10 and 45 yards. It is also used for close approach shots, sand saves, and difficult recovery shots requiring a high shot and a short distance. Lob wedges with the highest loft variations are called ultra lob, flop, or final wedges. These are used for specialized and extremely high-angle shots, such as those from the lip of a bunker.

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